Holloween Characters

I did these will working at the FIT graphics lab, the four crows are either bosses or technicians there. The pumpkin baby thing was for a holloween baby shower party. Kind of freaky looking.

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MikeSK Birthday Present

This is MikeSK. This was his birthday present, he really looks like that and he really molested a baby walrus. I will color this someday next month when things aren't so crucial. I have some designs with his brand indieindustries.com and he is my partner in my little t-shirt endeavor coming up real soon. Don't you wish you had a 4 foot wide crotch?

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Jazz Times Magazine Full Page Illustration

full page illustration for jazz times magazine about jazz music on myspace.com. This one kind of took a looooot longer than I would have liked, me so sleepy, its 6:00am

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Portland Phoenix Cover

This is the cover for this weeks Portland Phoenix paper. It's about the two gals running for governor, the one blowing wind, her name is Olympia Snowe.

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City Pages(Twin Cities) illustration

This is for the Lead page of the City Pages (its in Minnesota) A-list, listing the weeks highlights. It is for this Jazz Festival they have every october and has something to do with 2 rivers, one in france and one in minnesota. Looks similar to the one i just did for entrepreneur because the art director was really into that one and wanted it to have that look.

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Boston Pheonix illustration

they called me in the morning and had to have the sketch approved and finish in their mailbox by 8:30 am the next morning. The article is about Chuck Klosterman, a celeb profiler and pop writer. You can read the story here http://www.thephoenix.com/article_ektid24250.aspx

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Entrepreneur magazine illo!!

My first big dog magazine illustration, so easy to work with to boot! no revisions on anything!

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Ad Agency Work More

This is what is has come too.....at least i think. totally different! 3 posters now! I can't show all of it. These are characters for 3 posters. I am about tapped out on this project.

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