Our first art show!!!!

We are having an art show opening Thursday August 17th at the Laila Lounge in williamsburg. It should be rad. It will feature the likes of Crotty, Gustavson, Yoshioka, Raish, Nebrowski, just kidding, who is Nebrowski anyway? More info to come.
Let's Grow! Art Show New Illustration show featuring editorial, children's book, comic, music influenced and tattoo influenced art. Artists: Esther Crotty, James Gustavson, Fumiko Yoshioka, Jason Raish, Stepahnie Buscema, Rob Harrigan, and Magie Serpica.

Thursday Aug 17, 8 PM
Laila Lounge
113 N 7th St
(b/w Wythe and Berry)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 486-6791


Crotty= www.estherc.blogspot.com
Yoshioka = www.fumikoyoshioka.blogspot.com
Gustavson = www.silentjames.com
Raish = www.jasonraish.com
Nebrowski =

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