Vacature Magazine - My First European Job

My first European job !!! (continental europe not counting all the UK jobs i've had).  Cover for Vacature magazine in Belgium.  Its about the 12 sectors that are hiring in 2013 in Belgium.  they wanted a me to change his skin to a realistic tone and then open up his eyes (he's looking down so that was a challenge to say the least) and then add more blue squares to super flesh out the shape of the guy.  and then in the end it got killed.  let's just say there were too many non-art directors involved in the final decision.  

this is the cover they ended up using.  

spots that did end up running inside the magazine.  insurance, financial and banking services

flemish government (this lion dude is on the flemish flag), federal government

technology, chemistry, health industry, energy

pharmaceuticals, construction, e-commerce, automotive

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A Bushel of Fall Work

for the radio times.  "Jess lives by the sea with her mother, but when her dedication to getting good grades becomes an overwhelming obsession, Juliet decides her daughter needs more help than she can provide.

spot for the monthly column about golf rules for golf magazine.  this one is about an opponent claiming that its against the rules to hit the ball with the back of the club left handed and that he must use a putter.

full page illo for Investment News about the dos and don'ts of changing firms.  The biggest don't is sneaking out data and info from your old firm cuz they gone get cha.

for Emory Alumni Magazine.  An Alumni's Memories of 911, including a call from his wife telling him that his collegue and friend made it out alive after he and his other colleague searched for him with no sucess on the 87th floor of tower one before it collapsed.  it was kind of sad searching for images and reading about 9-11 while doing this illustration.

Section cover for the Washington Post about the decline of family dinners and how to make them better

Section cover for the Washington Post about the decline of family dinners and how to make them better

Spots for the Washington Post about the decline of family dinners and how to make them better.  this one is about creating a game plan so making dinner runs smoothly.

on the left is making conversations at the table and on the right is about enlisting their help to get them involved and invested in dinner.

on the left is about conquering picky eaters on the right is about leaving all electronics and gadgets off or away from the table.

ful page for Strategic Finance.  It was for a survey of Chinese accountants income.  As everyone knows, China is coming up.  I just spent a month in China so was happy to do this one and include Shanghai and the new Chinese bullet train in this illo.  I used to do the lion dance with my Kung Fu school in new york.  It's nice when living life and exploring cross over into your work.

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3x3 Magazine feature

I'm featured in 3x3 Magazine October.  It's published 3 times a year so it will still be on the newstand for another month.  They picked a few pieces that i'm not the biggest fan of but at least someone likes them.

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