Internet Jet-Age

My attempt at a vintage 50's airline ad for backbone magazine in canada about the Canadian internet keeping up with the rest of the world's internet speeds.  The article says Canada needs to join the internet "Jet-Age".  Jet-age is a term that started to be used in the 50's with the introduction of rocket propelled passenger planes.  I thought of the vintage airline ads when i read Jet-age.

trying to degrade the quality of my work is a new thing for me, as is adding these printing process dots.

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Summer Work

spot for Emory Alumni magazine about recognizing your own inner beauty

spot for the Washington Post father's day edition about wether Dad's should teach their kids to fight. ran in black and white in the paper and in color online.

spot for Rides magazine about Drama Beats crashing a go kart.

spot for the Wall St. Journal sunday edition about a woman who's love for cooking almost ruins her family.

spot for golf magazine about a guy's ball getting eaten by an alligator

spot for MotorTrend Classic magazine about a few cars that the writer missed out on driving. the title was "The Ones that Got Away". one of the cars was a French blue 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe

spot for Radio Times (UK) about two British chefs who go to Paris to cook British food for the French who are infamous for being picky eaters. the title of the piece was "To Paris with Parsnips".

sketch of my buddy and artist marco pardo in barcelona last summer. he loves picos and miga de pan (breadcrumbs) are everywhere in spain

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