Lots of Work

spot for the Washington Post about snow shoveling related injuries

spot for MotorTrend Classic about the author's visit to the 1989 LA Auto show when he came face to face with two dream cars.

spot for MotorTrend Classic about how taking a 12 cyliner engine out of a Lamborghini and replacing it with an 8 cylinder is like removing its soul.

spot for the NY Times about how the NY Giants aren't that good, they win by some kind of magical fairy dust or something

Wedding board for my old roommate Naoki in Tokyo.  In Japan they put up a "wedding board" at the entrance of the wedding reception and its usually a big head little body caricature of the couple so they were happy to get this instead.

Wedding board for another one of my old roommates in Tokyo.  they wanted pink because the wedding was in april when it's cherry blossom season.  after Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"

spot for golf magazine about golf rules.  this one is about a ball coming to rest on a frog.

spot for golf magazine about golf rules.  this one is about an eagle grabbing a ball mid-air.

spot for the final issue of UTNE about how Neanderthals mated with humans way back in the day.  the title of the story is "Stone Age Sex".  AD'd by the wonderful Stephanie Glaros.

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