It's been a while

Sorry life has been crazy and it looks like it's been over 3 months since i've updated my blogs.  Here is the first round of some of the work i've done in the last 3 months.

cover for march 2012 discover magazine.  my first nationally circulated magazine cover.  Albert Einstein's rules of space, time, and gravity my be overturned.

private commission.  Maifun, a Spanish Harlem born Shar Pei.

utne magazine about using old diapers to grow food like mushrooms.  kind of gross right?

Emory alumni magazine about embracing the great unknown.

spot for gold magazine's rules guy column about removing debris from the ball.

motortrend classic magazine about pebble beach judges choosing this one car as the winner.  can't remember what it was but the hood ornament was an art deco eagle.

motortrend classic magazine about the current ferrari head and the old original Ferrari head.  whose name of course is something Ferrari.

full page for westchester magazine about Westchester being diverse.  this was my attempt at a black and white leave it to beaver style multi-ethnic family.  it's supposed to be an african american mom, indian son, asian dad, and hispanic son.  

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