The benefits of being an Illustrator

I'm missing out on them! I was asked to be a VIP guest at a Tiger Beer party in Beijing, a VIP at a Rides magazine party in Vegas, and the American Illustration party that i've missed every year. I'm continually in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Harvest Time Illos

This was made through Kult design agency in Singapore, and it's like my 5 or 6th time working with them. All of the pieces that people like of mine were done through this agency because they let me do what i want. This means the projects get very personal and I put WAY more time into them than i should. The Client was Facebook Singapore and I had to illustrate this fact: There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices". There was no way i was going to draw an insane amount of figures like I did for the Bounce Dryer Bar campaign so i though of taking a cross section of people and then i remembered the personal project I have been meaning to do where I illustration people from every country i have lived in. Here are 18 people from China, South Korea, Japan, UK, and Spain (i'm not including NY). I wanted to draw some of the archetypes of people you find in these countries, the common types you see on the street everyday. Examples are, Shibuya girl, Spanish protester guy/girl, Beijing belly man, Korean acid wash jeans/jeggings girl, Chinese Pajama man, japanese salary man, etc. This is the largest piece of artwork i've made so far, it's A0 size (32.7 x 45.4 inches), but my macbook could handle it because i actually worked on each figure on its own file and put them all together in the end. eventually I will post the tweaks I have done to these characters and the blurbs i have written about them and present it to you in properly because this project took me 7-8 days working on it 12 hrs a day. The photo research alone took half of the time I think. and its all because it's so personal to me and my travels and I wanted it to look right. But for now here is the version that Facebook used.

there was a big party for the opening of the Facebook office in Singapore. you can see my art in the background. there were 6 artists in total.

this is an alternate version

spot for chicago magazine about Fashion Trunk, a new service where you can have a "trunk" full of clothes delivered to the comfort of your home so you can watch football and try on clothes at the same time and you pick what you like and send the rest back.

spot for triathletes world magazine in the UK. it's about a woman who has to drop out of a triathalon because of under training.

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