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I thought i would use some British speak for the title since I moved to London. Here are a gang of spots for various publications.

spot for Emory alumni magazine where an alum talks about her experience restoring ancient art in cambodia and how there is no clear linguistic distinction between buddah as a religious spirit or as a mere statue. She says it's one in the same for them.

A spot for the university of new hampshire about water fleas and new findings. I can't remember but it looks like maybe they can grow or evolve whatever they need?

A spot for Asian Lawyer magazine about how students of Korea's Judicial Research and Training Insititute (JRTI) are angry because the ministry of justice plans to hire from other law schools instead of solely from their school as has been the tradition in the past.

spot for THE (times higher education) in the UK about a red, greed, and amber university ranking system and its negative points. I can't remember fully but it was probably something where being ranked green had a huge advantage over other rankings.

spot for RIDES magazine for their "talkin' crash" column about celeb hiphop car crashes. this one is about Kendrick Lamar when he was a wee lad

spot for golf magazine's "rules guy" column about removing rock from the field of play. doing rocks is really hard and not too enjoyable for me.

another spot for RIDES magazine for their "talkin' crash" column about celeb hiphop car crashes. this one is about Big Sean crashing his grandmothers car and coming away with only a swollen pinky.

A few shots of London, my new city. English breakfast. bacon "rashers" here are pretty salty though.

the millennium bridge that goes from the tate modern over the river thames. this is the bridge that the baddies destroy in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1

insane harry potter fans at "Camp Potter". aka trafalger square, waiting 48 hrs for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. They were either waiting for the movie to be shown on a giant screen in the square, or for the actors to walk the red carpet or a combo of both. we talked to them and they were totally serious and had the conviction of wizards who would defend Hogwarts to the death if they had to. Wait, what am i saying? Why is there so much HP in this post? I wouldn't even say i'm a harry potter enthusiast, i just took on the challenge of watching all 8 Harry potter movies in 2 weeks so i could watch final HP movie here in Harry's hometown (I know HP dorks, i was informed that his hometown is Surey or something) and have to say it was very decent and one of the better HP movies. Now it's over and we are all wondering what to do with our lives. but don't even get me started on how HP is the weakest, most charmless, most weiner like main character that never matured or grew as a character....

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Japanese New Years Card - 8 months late

Did I really forget to post the final finished Year of the Rabbit card? It was done back in December. Well here it is 8 months late.

this year's holiday/new year's card. It's my take on a Japanese new year's card. Here is the process. first i made a color comp on the computer.

a couple of layers of gesso on coldpress watercolor paper.

had to paint the back with some color i have a lot of so it doesn't curl and evens out the paper.

printing out and transferring the sketch to the painting

stars made by flicking a toothbrush

sponges and brushes were used to paint this. everything except for the rabbit is done at this stage. I'll show you the final product when i do my happy holidays post.

The Final Product. I sent this to my friends in Japan on a postcard and my parents printed them as cards for family back in the States. Here is my take on a Japanese new year's card (nengajo, 年賀状). Traditionally they feature the Asian zodiac animal of that year, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Throughout Asia, because of an old story, it is believed that there is a rabbit on the moon (instead of a man on the moon). Basically the bottom says Happy New Year and the top says 2011 and the final box below that is the character for rabbit.

excited about next year's card? So am I, 2012 is the year of the dragon. My goal is to do all 12. You can see the year of the tiger in 2009 I did here

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Scholasstic Read 180

my first book ever. I did this over a year ago and it just got published. thus is the publishing world. This was for Scholastic and it's for a Read 180 series book called "False". It's a reading intervention book that debunks urban myths. I did 8 illustrations inside

This myth is that Walt Disney is frozen in ice somewhere. not true.

Here is that the 5 second rule makes it ok to eat things you drop on the floor.

Carrots don't give you perfect vision, it was a rumor started by the British during world war two to cover up their new radar technology's success from the Germans. So they said it was because of carrots. The vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy though.

Elvis is not alive, sorry.

The myth is a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans. I guess this is believed because they have natural cavity fighting chemicals and other stuff. This is the color scheme they went with.

This is the color scheme i liked.

Dropping a penny from the empire state building won't kill someone because the wind will blow it away and other scientific stuff will make it so it never reaches a dangerous velocity.

Elephants are not afraid of mice, they have bad eyesight and are startled by any small thing that moves. This is the color scheme i liked.

this is the color scheme they went with.

The color red doesn't make bulls mad, the motion of the cape gets 'em going.

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