Artist Inspiration - 原田泰治 はらだ たいじ Taiji Harada

I discovered this Japanese artist the other day at the post office here in Tokyo, Japan. I saw a sheet of his stamps on the counter and instantly fell in love with his paintings. Then a few days later i saw one of his paintings on the wall in the Ryokan I stayed at in Nagano! So i have to share this with the rest of the world! His name is 原田泰治 (はらだ たいじ) or Taiji Harada in English.

this is the sheet of stamps i saw and bought and scanned.

these are the scanned stamps. would love to have a print for my wall.

The painting I saw on the wall of the Ryokan in Nagano

detail of that painting

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Urban Sketchers Denver said... 11:26 AM  

I found these thru google - I love that you found them though it's been a few years - and that they're still to be seen.


Dylan Martin said... 6:04 AM  

Taji Harada

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