Design Festa 2010 Fall

It's that time again. time for Design Festa. As always if you are in Tokyo during one of these Design Festa events I highly recommend it!

Design Festa, full of weirdos, artists, musicians, photographers, designers of all types, illustrators, painters, and weirdly cute girls

I saw this lil' adult man on the train ride there.

This woman Mi-Tan made this custom Daruma dolls. I love Daruma so I was disappointed to find out she wasn't selling all of these, only a few. She's still working on them. It's an A to Z series of I'm not really sure but I like it.

3 pairs of eyes for 3 wishes!

I've never seen this done before but this artist put a decorative fabric border around the edge of the canvas!

this girl made a ton of cool paper masks. I bought the Mexican style one. she was selling them for 300 yen only.

fairy tale point stitch or something bags. snow white and the 7 dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio

its fumiko, my old FIT illustration classmate stuck in this little booth all day because the guy that made the models of her characters had a booth and said she could be there too. here she has printed her children's book onto cards and has to switch them in and out of this magic box as she reads the book aloud to whoever wants to listen to it. ganbatte fumiko

the amazing sculpts of her pancake gorilla and pink penguin guy.

this is one of the resin casts that he used to make the sculpts, not hers though, another piece.

so jealous of children's drawings

i bought this postcard. i could never do this.

Ok ok, hold up. I hear what you're saying bro, but, BUT, stand there and tell me that you ain't feeling this here samurai hot lick right now! Your sh!tty giant baby man samurai rock clan ain't go sh!t on this here sh!tty giant baby man samurai rock clan.


breaktime, turkish beer and a kebab

the mask i bought

Some photographer douche was giving this girl his card. that's why being a photographer is awesome.

these are all made out of orange peels and egg shells and stuff. and they are always here at every design festa.

there was a lot of daruma action going on at this design festa.

i asked why the suck my ass? and i didn't understand their answer. but they said it was a positive message. ok

skinny alley near shimbashi station that stretches as far as the eye can see. weirdness.

creamy white hoposhus in hibiya park afterwards.

i bought this guy. i still have to think about 3 reasonable goals so i can fill his 3 right eyes in.

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