More New Work in 2010

spot for the monthly rules guy column about the ball landing in a pile of fire ants

full page for Risk magazine in the UK. about exciting things like collateralised trade and uncollateralised trade. With an S no less.

a full page for Airtran Go magazine that you find in the back of the seats on Air Tran flights. this was about how st. louis is a man's city filled with steak houses, barber shops, go kart racing, and was the stomping ground for Lincoln and john Dillinger the gangster.

spot for the same St. Louis is a man's city story.

this is the sketch i wish they had gone with.

and Chris if you see this can you post the other new post with the giant rabbit instead of these illos? thanks!

Posted byJason Raish at 11:57 AM  


The Illostop Collective said... 2:35 PM  

Hey jason,

I was going to post both, but its your call. I think they all look great!

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