Some Work from the end of 2008

full page illo for associations now magazine. its about generation Y'ers having trouble being heard in the workplace

bigger than a spot illo for the cover of the business section of American Medical News. its about hospitals trying to make a connection with doctors or something, actually i forget..

full page illo for the Milken Institute Review about how china is hording US dollars and all that stuff.

kind of a half page illo for the Milken Institute Review. about China vs. the US dollar.

double page spread for "The Scientist" magazine this month i think. story was about how vaccines are the next big money making thing for the pharmacutecal industry. since this article was written i see in the news that everybody is cancelling their H1N1 swine flu shots cuz its not really a problem anymore. This was ...the illustration that i finished and then went running and got hit by a taxi and woke up in the hospital not remembering anything and was freaked out to see that it was already done and that i was going to make the deadline afterall.

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Boojil said... 1:21 AM  

hi ! I came back to home !
I have to go to Thailand in 2days.
when I go back Japan , Lets meet again. I wanna ask and talk about NY with you ! see you soon !


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