Magical Camp in Sapporo, Japan

My friend Akari asked me to submit some art for the Magical Camp postcard project where the sales would go towards planting trees. Magical camp was at the end of august and is actually an overnight music festival in Sapporo, Japan. Sapporo is on Hokkaido island, the huge nothern island of japan. Wish i could have been there!

not my art.

my tanuki character

my chinese wish tree head girl

my light bulb deer

my Michael Jackson

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Tons of New Work

Here is a Ton of work done during the summer that I can post now cuz it's published.

for the Radio Times in London. its a spot for a program airing about footballers (soccer players for us Yanks) and how they make so much money and what they do with it. the title is "The Men with the Golden Feet". i liked this version better than the gold coins cuz it pops more, thankfully the art director did too.

Characters designs for a pitch for Chef Boyardee done for SuperFad, a motion graphics agency in New York. the client wanted a version of Chef Boyardee before he became the old guy on the can logo. they wanted him to be martial arts trained and cool. I found it challenging to do this cuz i had to keep the hat and mustache action. Anyway I put special edition Chef Boyardee Mustache Dunks on him!

this one has an extremely high collar all the way up to his mustache

i put samurai armor shin guards on all the guys.

samurai mask wearing urban vigilante version

more samurai armor.

spinach sandwich villan

for IBM systems magazine about some new software called EGL. the title was the EGL has landed. The art director and I thought the falconer/eagler's glove with the eagle landing on it signifying the user harnessing the awesome power of this new EGL software but the editors wanted it changed to a branch :(

for Pheonix Magazine. The art director was cool. I am into cryptozoological crap so this was cool to do. its about the Mogollon monster which is the bigfoot of Arizona. also about the Pheonix lights UFO sighting and haunted mines. had fun using chinese ink and paint for the background

spot for JazzTimes magazine about choosing a career in Jazz instead of something academic. I was hoping they would go with the flying concept but went with this safer one

for scholastic scope magazine, they adapted the Edgar Allen Poe story "William Wilson" into a play for kids. basically william wilson's "twin" follows him around through the years ratting him out and causing problems for him until he kills him in a sword fight and learns that he was his concience.

tons more to post later after it publishes!

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