Movie Inspiration - Genius Party Beyond

My favorite animation studio "Studio 4C" from Japan with the second part of their Genius Party project.  The first genius party was good and i can recommend but Genius Party Beyond had more visual inspiration for me.  they both get a rating of 8 on IMDB from me though, check them both out!  Studio 4C is responsible for maybe my favorite inspirational artist move "Mind Game"  They also did Tekkon Kinkreet which i have blogged about before.  They also did several pieces for the Animatrix and a bunch of other stuff.  For the Genius party series they let something like 14 directors do whatever they wanted and this is the result. Some of the shorts use an insane combo of increasingly crazy music and increasingly crazy animation that creates so much tension while you wait for the bubble to burst that you want to rip your skin off and then your brain out. It gets that intense at points.   mostly insane crazy animation.

loving how they did the uncropped painted background look.  love the gritty dark color schemes too.  I can definitly see the work of many of these directors in "Mind Game"

When this first starts you're like what is this crappy animation but then you realize this could be the best short on the whole dvd because they make this childrens book animation style look so effortless and crazy.  insane animation and perspectives.  great story and style

look how awesome these are and its all animated!  you gotta see to believe

this short was just a crazy skull numbing animation explosion.  i dont know whats going on here but tons to like visually.  love the lighting in the grass fields and the over exposure pushing the whites with extreme pockets of shadows look
yea basically insanity for 20 min in this short.  Anyway kudos to studio 4C for letting their directors get down with whatever they wanted to do.  There were more shorts with more inspiration but i dont have time to take screen shots of everything!

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Anonymous said... 11:15 AM  

Hey Jason,
thanks for posting all these movie inspirations! i've been feeling so "out of the loop" recently and don't know anything interesting to watch anymore.

i bought one of your bruce lee shirts, it should be arriving soon, X )

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I didn't know about them, but those images are really nice, I love the style of the animations my friend. I will have t follow their work. thank you for sharing.

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