The Sprit of Michael Jackson is free

two versions of an illo in response  to the recent death of Michael Jackson.  I once read an article about how we are all responsible for what Michael became.  We as the public demanded a lot from him and enjoyed pointing fingers at him too.  His childhood was stolen from him.  He was a little child singing songs with sexual content that he didnt understand.  Fame probably tore him apart as it does many child stars.  His father nicknamed him "Big Nose".  Anyway it was an interesting article and kind of true.

The spirit of Michael Jackson is now free from its tortured vessel that has been torn apart by the public.  Maybe little Michael can now have that childhood he never got to have.

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Posted byJason Raish at 3:44 AM  


Diana L said... 2:28 AM  

This is DOPE

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Pour Michael his sad personal history shed tears every time I hear it and still some people judges him like a monster.

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