New illozzzzz

Cover for Strategic Finance magazine. the had a 3 issue feature on Chinese accounting in China and how it is progressing and or staying traditional/old

a spot illustration for The New Physician. the article talked a lot about empathizing with the patients.

Cover for Practical Accountant. The feature story is about "Onboarding" new staff, meaning getting young people to join your company and stay there.
spot illo for the golf magazine rules column. this time it was asking if its ok to remove leaves from the line of putt. the answer was you can if you use the back of your hand only.
illo for the golf magazine rules column. this is saying you are out of luck if water like a stream carries your ball out of bounds.

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Rob said... 9:38 PM  

I don't check this as often as the travel blog, but I will say that I like the cover with the tiger. good stuff sir

Ricky said... 6:40 AM  

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

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