Movie Inspiration - Wong Kar Wai's "2046"

More movie inspiration. 2046 is a movie by Wong Kar Wai, a Hong Kong director. He is a true artist. The guy has consistently turned out beautiful, colorful, well composed movies. I have posted before his movie "In the Mood for Love" and 2046 is more of the same. There are brief parts of the movie that are futuristic and i don't care for those so luckily most of the movie is in the 50's and 60's time period in Hong Kong. Again Wong Kar Wai uses analogous color schemes and has great wardrobes and moody lighting. Christopher Doyle again delivers awesome cinematography and shot transfers. This is a long movie because it takes a relaxed laid back pace. The Actor Tony Leung is good as always. Zhang Zi Yi is good at playing slutty bad girl characters and looks great in a Qi Pao dress. Wong always has great scores and song selections as well.

Faye Wong was not bad

This face

I have become a fan of the 50's Hong Kong style, just like i'm a fan of 50's American style.

green on green on green. me likes because me use this kind of color scheme too

here she is breaking up with that boyfriend so he put her in a red dress against the green to add some stress to the shot.

Zhang Zi Yi was just sizzling in this movie. All my chinese girl friends hate her and all the guys love her. go figure.

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Rob said... 9:37 PM  

This maybe a little late, but the shot of her breaking up with her boyfriend is awesome also because he splits the shot so half of it is black. Really nice touch

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