2 new illossssss

this is the cover for the business section of American Medical News. It's about doctors that are keen on adopting new technology and like spreading the word and good vibes to others.
This is for the new UGK calendar for the month of february. UGK is a cool T-shirt/coolstuff brand in Beijing, China. this year's theme was "The Green Effect" about being green and environmentally friendly and stuff. my take was giving back to nature hence a tree unwrapping a present. and i guess i'm seeing i like to do juxtaposed stuff so he is inside the house wearing a turtle neck and matching socks. anyway these will be available around Beijing in super limited editions (100).

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City Pages

this was for the minnisota city pages A-list weekly calendar. this one is about a green gifts fair for the holidays where the merchandise is all earth friendly and cuts down on carbon footprints and all that jazz. I thought of giving and green and gifts and thought of that old shel silverstein story "the giving tree" and used that as inspiration. you can see here that his is full of life and engergetic linework and mine is stale and too polished. Next to his mine looked like hot garbage. I am sorry Shel.

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My First chinese job

This was for Timeout Beijing Chinese edition. the english and chinese editions are 2 separate offices and have totally different content. it was great working with the editor and art director that didn't speak any english. nice guys. the art director added some snow, shadows, and other modifications after i submitted the final artwork but i think its ok because it looks ok. I was going to do the cover as well but what frequently happens is that illustration gets canned and they are forced to use another crap photo by their marketing team.

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Boy's Life Magazine

I got a great assignment doing 3 illustrations for boys life magazine (the magazine of the boyscouts) this summer. They are way ahead of schedule because this is finally coming out this month. it was a fiction story about a boy's 3 wishes. it is a moral tale of laziness and taking shortcuts resulting in a hard learned lesson.

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Another Moto ad

another mock ad for the Motorola ROKR phone

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Runner's World Spot

I finally got to do runner's world. Just a spot though. it is for an article about beating the post race blues. It's in the October issue

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Motorola Ad Sample

I made this motorola advertising sample for my portfolio. actually i was inspired by this wish tree that i saw in shanghai. you write your wishes on these cards and hang them on the tree. I also have been inspired by what i've seen in beijing so i wanted to combine them somehow. I subbed the phone in for one of the wish cards for my personal work. this took quite some time. all of those ornaments are on their own separate layer.

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Drawing party drawings

i had a drawing party and these are the best ones of mine.

sue sue wore my gachapin costume again.

i will try messing around with chinese ink and brushes more

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Notre Dame Magazine

I did 4 watercolor/sketchbook style illustrations for notre dame magazine a while back. Here are 2 of them. the art director requested this style of mine and i was happy to do it. now and then art directors say they really love the stuff in my sketchbook section but this is the first time i've actually been able to do this style for a job.

one of the shorts was about JFK

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Mock Tiger Beer Ad

I did this as an advertising sample. used some of the chinese influences i've seen in Beijing. such as the silk goldfish i bought and the yellow tiger toy.

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C. Coles Phillips Homage

my homage to c. coles phillips, an old school illustrator who made famous the "fade-away girl". My goal is to one day own a real c. coles phillips painting.

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Kim Jong Il

this was sitting around for at least over a year. i finally got the chance to finish it. i read somewhere recently that Kim Jong Il is not in good health. I also read there are rumors that he has been dead for 5 years.

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Westchester Magazine

an article about buying houses where crimes, notably violent crimes occured in the past.

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Strategic Finance Magazine

for strategic finance magazine. it was a dense article filled with industry words that i could not comprehend. luckily the art director felt my pain and realized this. it was about employees having unauthorized access to data. more or less.

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Cleveland magazine

this was an article about republicans and democrats in cleveland fighting over the voting system and i guess one side to a stance that the other side usually takes and vice versa.

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Jazz Times

this was for jazz times magazine. it was for an article about how to prepare an admissions application (for jazz schools) and how not to make the admissions guys toss their audition cds out the window.

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Wall St. Journal

This was for Saturday's wall st. journal. it was for an article about two guys getting big bucks plugging products. Jerry Seinfeld for Microsoft and Micheal Phelps for Kellogg's.

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Ninjas and Tigers

This is a self promo piece. i intended it to be for the young readers book cover market. I have been tossing these characters around for a while and i finally got a chance to finish this.

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Sketches from China

It's been a long while since I added any posts to my illustration blog because I've just been having too much fun here in Beijing. Here are some sketches from the other side of the world.

bob on our airchina flight to china. we sat on the runway sweating for over an hour with no air conditioning. This would just be a primer for the amount of sweating we would be doing all month in china.

girl DJ at the Black Sun Bar

Bob fiddling with his ipod mini

old chinese woman sitting by lake houhai

illustration/graphic design buddy QQ. also some old guy at a restaurant.

dumb looking japanese guy in the airport on our way to japan.

Carrey/Carrie...spelled differently than normal. She has a gallery in the 798 gallery district in Beijing

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Paper I bought in Japan

More Paper I got in Japan. also detail shots of the large pieces i got. Inspiration a plenty here. The detail shots have patterns that are all taken from Kimonos from some era in the old days.

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