City Pages

this was for the minnisota city pages A-list weekly calendar. this one is about a green gifts fair for the holidays where the merchandise is all earth friendly and cuts down on carbon footprints and all that jazz. I thought of giving and green and gifts and thought of that old shel silverstein story "the giving tree" and used that as inspiration. you can see here that his is full of life and engergetic linework and mine is stale and too polished. Next to his mine looked like hot garbage. I am sorry Shel.

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My First chinese job

This was for Timeout Beijing Chinese edition. the english and chinese editions are 2 separate offices and have totally different content. it was great working with the editor and art director that didn't speak any english. nice guys. the art director added some snow, shadows, and other modifications after i submitted the final artwork but i think its ok because it looks ok. I was going to do the cover as well but what frequently happens is that illustration gets canned and they are forced to use another crap photo by their marketing team.

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Boy's Life Magazine

I got a great assignment doing 3 illustrations for boys life magazine (the magazine of the boyscouts) this summer. They are way ahead of schedule because this is finally coming out this month. it was a fiction story about a boy's 3 wishes. it is a moral tale of laziness and taking shortcuts resulting in a hard learned lesson.

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