I did this for the graphics lab at FIT. They said i could do anything i wanted as the image for their new promotional postcard. I said great! This is a Tanuki. they are a mythical Japanese raccoon-like creature that likes to get drunk and be mischievous. The often carry around their book of unpaid bills and a jug of sake. The background is modeled from memory after one of my favorite spots to drink in NYC "Kenka". Kenka has a stuffed tanuki sitting on their cash register counter and i sketched it months ago and kept exaggerating it more until it got to this. I like to envision that this is the night that he comes into Kenka, ready to drink, and the staff has had the final straw and are tired of this Tanuki not paying his bills and they take him in the back and stuff him and display him on the counter. The illo has some nice details so click on it to make it bigger!

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soo said... 10:10 PM  

ahhh really nice jason! are we ever gonna see each other before you leave? what happened to our friendship?

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