More bob

I had the good fortune of seeing my brother bob this weekend. I drew him on some restaurant placemats. It's always funny at these family gatherings when the relatives laugh at my drawings of bob because it further drives the whole thing home. these last two are totally rediculous. It's not even if i capture his likeness or not anymore at this point. it's the fact that i've drawn him so many times in these situations where he really has no choice but to sit there and be examined by me. This annoys him, not enough for him to be angry but just enough that it brings me joy and makes me giggle like a school girl. if you're dying to see better sketches of bob they are here the Book of Bob

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3x3 Illustration Directory

This came out last month and I have two pages in here. It's 3x3 magazine's first annual illustration directory. They sent this out to 4,400 art directors, agencies, etc... I can't believe I'm in there with the big dogs of illustration. Let's hope i get a call from this

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More Tanuki

More tanuki action. this the back of the card. i drew his whole body thinking someday i might use it also i forgot to add the black rings around the eyes on the tanuki with the sake. **UPDATE** This tanuki imagery was deemed too "racist". The guy on the back especially. Which I can see where they are coming from. It's a coincidence that he is a Japanese raccoon like creature wearing one of those Asian straw hats and has especially slanty eyes because he is smiling so hard and has huge teeth and gums. Really i didn't think about all that when i was making this. and they felt that people who see this are not going to know that I am Asian and definitely not demeaning myself. I mean really he is just a character, so i made the argument that if i removed all of the asian elements from the images like the Japanese writing and the sake and the hat then he would just look like a funny rodent character so they agreed. I will post up those revisions later.

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