Mock Book cover

I need to start getting something that looks like book covers in my portfolio so when i go to meet these art directors they stop looking at me like im a jerk. Here is one idea i had a few years ago that I finally executed. "marinade your mind" : a look at today's drinking culture, written by jason raish. I am not a good graphic designer. After looking at tons of cool book covers i've decided that being a book cover designer would be pretty cool if i wasn't an illustrator. Especially if your Chip Kidd or Ben Gibson or someone like that. I dont know if this works better with the beer on his brain or about to hit it.

Posted byJason Raish at 12:47 AM  


fumiko said... 1:30 AM  

hello Jason,
i haven't seen your blog for a log time....
you've been making really good illustrations~!! (^____^)

Jung Eun said... 2:24 AM  

well I like the upper one(about to hit..)

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