only 2 new entries in the saga of bob. I was totally paralyzed this holiday season and could only watch tv and eat. These sketches are pretty bad but i think they have captured the essence of bob and his new changes. Bob is getting a little of a belly now and i like the little sketch to the side that i did in 5 minutes better than that horrible attempt at shading his face. the second sketch shows bob glazed over from too much holiday cheer, horrible drawing but i captured the essence of the disgusting moment.

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Network World Illos

These were for a year end issue of network world. I had to illustrate one of the smartest and one of the dumbest Technology moves made this year. They gave me a list of choices. The smartest is about google's "G Phone" development. They are making the phone open source and working with a many different developers unlike apple's IPHone. The dumbest is about ghost bloggers. CEO's and executives that have fake blogs made for them that they don't write themselves.

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Happy Holidays from Me

Happy Holidays All

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Revenue Magazine Full page illo

This is a full page illustration i did a few months ago that finally went to print this month. Its about using less traditional search engines and methods to find information.

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Motortrend magazine

this is a spot in this months motortrend magazine. It's about this new anti-whiplash head restraint requirement in new cars that is making headrests pretty uncomfortable.

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Health Data Management cover

the cover for health data management this month. it was a very hard topic to illustrate because i had very little to go on and pretty vague. It was about executives, it guys, doctors, nurses, hospital staff working together to find the right mobile software and hardware "solutions" Sounds so exciting right? sometimes you gotta make lemons into lemonade. I gave them 2 versions, one with the paint texture "platform" they're standing on and one without. they ended up going with the platform version.

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