Seattle Weekly Thelonious Monk

I did this a few weeks ago for Seattle Weekly. The art director from City Pages (Twin cities) Moved over to Seattle Weekly and liked my stuff so she gave me a call. This was about Thelonious Monk and his weird sporatic playing style. I'm a fan of Monk so of course I took this job. I never saw how the final layout looked.

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Children's Book Idea

I finally found some time to finish this illustration. it's been sitting half finished for months. I was going to try to make a children's book story out of these guys. It's all written down but i still need to draw everything out. A few publishers told me that my Jason's smelly pants book idea is too hyper realistic for kids and I am afraid that I made these guys to gruesome and hyper-realistic as well. What do yall think?

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Tanuki from Kenka

This is a sketch i did a while ago of this tanuki "racoon dog" that sits on the counter by the cash register in a great japanese drinking place called Kenka on st. marks place. They have a huge tanuki statue in the front of the restaurant in another style with glowing red lightbulb eyes. after wikipedia research they usually wear a straw hat, carry a bottle of sake, and a bill they will never pay in the other hand. i have heard they are sort of a symbol of drunkiness. I should further develop this guy but knowing those japanese im sure they beat me to it like centuries ago.

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Risen Magazine Interview

Alicia Frank for Risen Magazine interviewed me this summer and its finally out in their oct/nov issue now. it has two spreads of my work. Pretty cool to see but it feels weird.

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riverfront times

this is a half page illo for their weekly calendar page. Its a paper from st. louis. the featured event that week was this series of Scottish games held annually. One of the events is something about throwing logs the furthest.

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