Black Enterprise magazine

this was for their "shop smart" section. They gave me 3 color i had to use. It's for an article about how your credit score can do great things for you. pretty boring stuff but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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not really illustration related

an old obsession of mine is on the verge of being rekindled. Ping Pong/Table Tennis. Since my old roomate that i met in korea moved from LA to NY now we play ping pong a couple times a week. I just found out that my Motion graphics animator friends also play. And who woulda thunk it but that is sonu satchev right there! and hes good! This is getting a little out of control. not really illustration related but im sure it will make it into my illustrations. oh yea it already has. In the backbone mag illo i just did there are ping pong paddles on one of the post it notes

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Rides magazine again

this is for their "talkin crash" section where they talk about a celebrity car crash, usually a rapper. this time is was mims, the guy that sings "this is why i'm hot". since i've been in my little bubble of work i've never heard this song. But now that i have i can see what great lyrics are coming out these days. "This is why i'm hot, I'm hot cuz i'm fly, you aint cuz you not"! I found this post (link below) by some guy while i was researching mims and thought it was pretty funny, it breaks down how much sense these lyrics make.,harvilla,76021,22.html

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Backbone magazine illo

This is for Backbone, a Canadian Business Magazine. Its about a new web and phone service that lets users leave messages and reviews for other users on map. The messages are called "sticky notes".

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American Medical News Illustrations

I did a full page and a spot illo for them. the guy looking up at the rocket will be on the second page. the guy floating in space is the front page for the business section. Its an article about doctors launching a second office. the spot illlustration is about not launching a second office.

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City Pages illo

this is for the City Pages (Twin Cities) A-List. A weekly calendar highlighting the weeks best activities in minnesota. There is a new roller coaster opening at this one amusement park.

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Fashion Institute of Technology Poster

This is for the graphics lab at FIT. It's 1 foot by 3 foot, pretty big and took pretty long. It took probably an hr alone at least to scan everything. I had to paint the background texture on a huge piece of paper and scan it in 5 sections on an 11x17 scanner.

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The Source Illustration

this is for the source, a hip hop magazine. it's about rappers being censored by the gov't in the aftermath of talk show host Don Imus's ordeal. The rappers aren't supposed to look like anyone in particular but a couple of them did anyway, which in hindsight could be bad because people could think i tried to do likenesses and that i'm just not very good at likenesses.

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American Illustration 26

Hooray, I had 3 pieces chosen for American Illustration 26, their annual illustration competition. it was these three. Raekwon the chef, Minnesota City Pages A-List jazz guys, and Word of Mouth advertising Entrepreneur magazine illustrations.

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