echo awards website

i saw that they made a website for the echo awards that i worked on for the gray ad agency. they even had someone draw that gold award statue, i didnt draw it! Heres the web link, kind of sketchy if you ask me.

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society of illustrators sketch night last thursday

here are some sketches from the sketch session at the society of illustrataors last thursday or so. the girls were not fat but they ended up that way in my book. ooops. also one sketch i did at the laundry mat.

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Meeting art directors

So I met 12 art directors in total this week. 5 at Fortune magazine, 1 at Forbes magazine, and 6 at the wall street journal. so far i have found that meeting art directors in person doesn't help me at all, maybe because I look so young or that i'm just so g-darn ugly. Something good better come out of these meetings or I will severely disappointed.

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Entrepreneur Magazine Illo

This is for an article about being innovative and taking it to the next level. I couldn't decide which color scheme was better. I'm pretty happy with this one.

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Motion Graphics and Animation Screening party!

That little motion graphics/animation thing i worked on with the guys from comedy central is going to be shown at the "Smile Faucet" screening party next thursday. Every 4 months or so Smile Faucet gives out a theme and any motiongraphics/animators/etc... can make a short 30,60, or 90 seconds clip based on the theme. Theres gonna be a bunch of other teams of peoples' clips being shown.

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folio weekly final cover

this is the cover that folio weekly printed this week.

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this is for an article about this guy who was in prison and wrote a book on slang. One of the slang terms in prison if someone is protesting and refuses to take showers is that he is going "viking". So thats that. I wish it wasnt due over night because this one could have been so awesome. How often do you get to do a viking illustration? probably never again in my life.

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quick painting

I have been sketching these geometric animals on the train for the past two weeks and plan on painting some of them. this was a quick experiment to see if it would be a cool worthwhile project, so i think it looks like it would be cool if i spent more than 10 mintues on it and more than just left over paint on the pallete. only thing is these don't really look like my style so im working on a way to incorporate that

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Scratch magazine illustration

This is a spot illo for scratch magazine (a hip hop mag published by XXL) it's for a joke article because ultra popular producer timbaland has lost so much weight they are wondering what if Timbaland and 80's fitness guru Richard Simmons did a fitness album collaboration to help others lose weight?

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Cleveland magazine 2/3 page illo

This article was about 4 people who had really bad salaries in state positions and now have really good salaries working in the private sector so the art directors idea was they're springing/jumping to higher salary levels.

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Chico news and review cover again

the cover for next weeks chico news and review. so many little revisions! its about this school board member that is cocky and shrewd and duped the board into getting rid of people he didn't like. the book on the table is the prince by machiavelli, one of the first books about manipulating people, thats why he's in royal italian machiavelli- like clothing also.

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Art show, theme: protest signs

Me and Diana both have 1 piece each in an art show called "everybody! Make some Noise"with a protest sign theme. It's gonna be at the white room in williamsburg brooklyn. the pieces all had to be around 30"x 40" inches so it's pretty huge. Each piece will be mounted on a stick just like a real protest sign! there are 25 designers, illustrators, painters, artists, weirdos, etc... in the show and theres gonna be live punk band performances and who know's what else. down side is it's $7 but come out if you can make it.

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