Cover for Folio Weekly

This is the cover for next weeks folio weekly. its for an article about noise pollution. They wanted it to look pretty much like the butthole surfer's electrecladyland album cover with the bloody pencil coming out of the guys ear, same composition and everything they wanted! I have drawn myself and taylor so many times that everyone i draw either looks like him or me. I had good reference of some guy i found online but ended up drawing this creature that looks like me and thaler morphed together. Gross huh?

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Riverfront Times calander half page illo

This is for the river front times calender page of events for the week. The art director said the most exciting thing happening that week was a microbrewery was having a "micro fiction" contest so they wanted some kind of micro authors concept. I had to go way out of my comfort bubble for this one and the results are a little soggy i have to say.

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We're Having a Party This saturday!!!!!!!!!

Hey yall me and my old roomate Thaler are having a combo feburary birthday bash Saturday the 24th at Happy Ending Lounge on 302 broome st. btwn eldridge and forcyth at 10:00 til who knows when, it always runs very late. It's gonna a crazy fun time as usual. Any and all are invited! It is going to be equivalent to one of or "Viva La Everything" parties so come on out and shake it loose! Click on the image for a larger view

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40's and 50's illustration goldmine!!!!

I recently have been getting into 40's and 50's animation and art and have been looking at guys like jim flora, mary blair(disney), and recently saw dumbo and alice in wonderland. I stumbled upon this guys blog and flickr account to find that he worked as an inhouse story board artist at an ad agency and met an older guy that had amassed a huge collection of newspaper and magazine clippings of classic illustration. When he passed away his sister let this guy keep all the illustration files. He has scanned a huge chunk of them at hi res and keeps scanning new ones daily. There are ton's of great guys like Jim Flora, Al Parker, JC Leyendecker, Bob Mcginnis and tons more
on the flickr account you can click the illustraion, then click on the all sizes magnifying glass icon and click on original size for the hi res version!

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Jim Flora Books!

I just got both Jim Flora books in the mail today. the 2nd book just came out but the first one of was out of print or something and i had ordered it from amazon 6 months ago and the order kept getting pushed back but i recieved both books today by some miracle! They are awesome and I really envy Jim Flora's style. If you can only buy one of these try to get your hands on the first book (black cover), it has all his record album covers in it. The second book has a lot of his editorial work in it. This is the original! guy that influenced guys like Tim Biskup, Shag.

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This was for an article about former mayor rudy guliani. I guess they say that he was a better leader than manager and was kind of fascist, but this one sentence is all i had to go with. I made some sketches that were "too fascist" with fists pumped in the air so they wanted to calmed down. Also it doesnt really look like guliani, which really really irks me because like all of slate's illustrations it had to be done in just a few hrs so i didnt have time to try to nail it on a second try. Curses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea it's also hard cuz he looks so much like rumsfeld.

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Jazz Times Full page Illo

This is for the jazztimes jazz and blues festival guide 2007. pretty straightforward. they wanted jazz and wanted to incorporate a tent and crowd sort of thing. i dont know if i pulled off the tent or not but it made an ok divider at least. I spent a whole day messing around with different color schemes seriously spasming and pulling my hair out finally to end up going with the color scheme i did in 5 minutes the day before. How many times does spontinaety do the trick instead of cold calculated time consuming labor? I'm never gonna learn.

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Cleveland Scene Cover

this was about black on black crime in the cleveland area construction world where black contractors are used just as fronts to get around affirmative action laws so that white owned firms can work. So the bossman black contractor gets rich by doing nothing but being a front and his crew gets shafted with no work. I made this yellow version but the wanted to go with the grey one in the end

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Valentines Day Card

This was the valentines day card I made, pretty gruesome huh? So it's made up of a bunch of illustrations that i had previously done but it's the thought that counts right? I still had to put it all together!

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This was for a valentines day special section that had some "sexually charged" poems so they wanted a shakespeare looking at a dirty magazine.

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getting there

No jobs this week so i've been slowly working on these sasquatch and yeti characters. I dont know if you can tell they are bigfoot and yet or if they are playing rock paper scissors or not becasause they're stupid and they always throw rock every time. their bodies are weirdly proportioned two so i cant put their other hands underneath their rock hand like some rock paper scissors players do so this is a tough one. bear with me this will get finished enventually.

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Big foot

I'm trying to work on sasquatch and yeti characters, I guess they would look identical accept for their colors. do you think it will work?

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Adoptive Families final layout

This is the final and layout the art director showed me for the Adoptive families illustration.

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