40's and 50's illustration goldmine!!!!

I recently have been getting into 40's and 50's animation and art and have been looking at guys like jim flora, mary blair(disney), and recently saw dumbo and alice in wonderland. I stumbled upon this guys blog and flickr account to find that he worked as an inhouse story board artist at an ad agency and met an older guy that had amassed a huge collection of newspaper and magazine clippings of classic illustration. When he passed away his sister let this guy keep all the illustration files. He has scanned a huge chunk of them at hi res and keeps scanning new ones daily. There are ton's of great guys like Jim Flora, Al Parker, JC Leyendecker, Bob Mcginnis and tons more
on the flickr account you can click the illustraion, then click on the all sizes magnifying glass icon and click on original size for the hi res version!

Posted byJason Raish at 5:47 PM  


Anonymous said... 12:39 AM  

I can't believe nobody has thanked you for posting this! This is an amazing find... THANK YOU!

Kazumi said... 4:31 PM  

I agree. Thanks so much for mentioning about this Flickr site. I have only seen a couple pages, but I am so excited to find all these classic illustrations. I have been a fan of old illustrations, and I sometimes see the influence in my color combinations when I paint.

colin said... 11:58 AM  

Thanks so much for the post.....such a great find!

George Crosby said... 6:27 PM  

i worked in porno illustration in the 80's...thank you for this site!...glc

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It's perfect to get into the 40's and 50's animation and art because it's something that transport us to that age, I got excellent memories with those animations.m10m

Ferry Freight said... 2:39 PM  

Amazing classic illustrations! The animation and art of that years were fantastic. I hope you will share more with us. Thank you!

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