Sacramento News and Review Illo

Spot illo for the sac-town news and review. The art director really wanted to hammer home this general james jones character and I agree. He has been quoted basically saying "WE WILL NOT LOSE!!" and i thought that would be a fitting pictoral of the general. They didnt know if it was gonna be in color or black and white, newspaper guys, go figure. I kinda like the grey better actually, lot of good 3 hrs of coloring did guy.

Posted byJason Raish at 2:09 AM  


Anonymous said... 10:43 AM  

Congrats, jason! Give me a call today!!!!

Anonymous said... 10:43 AM  

Sorry, i forgot (it's KRISTEN)

Genericsloth said... 12:29 PM  

Very Nice Jason, you've got the right tanks and the desert color scheme. Like the grid element behind the map, it looks more military.

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