the Daily Bob

every year during the holidays i do my best to keep up a regiment of daily bobs. That is draw at least one sketch of my brother, Bob per day that i am in his company. Much to the annoyment of bob I have created a large number of bob sketches over the years, the best of which are showcased in the "book of b.o.b." in the sketchbook section of my website. Here are my book of bob sketches from this holiday season so far, luckily i will have another week with bob, so james, esther, diana, jack, and others, you all will have a shot at bob maybe friday night drink and draw? i took a break from drawing bob long enough to draw my cousin jared

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James Lake said... 11:49 AM  

I think your watercolors are really good, I wish you could use them in some of your pro work.

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