Ad Agency Work

I have been working on some posters for an awards show for an ad agency and boy is it a nightmare. There are 2 dozen execs and art directors and creative directors and writers, etc... that have to approve everything before they even send it to the client to approve. I can count the revisions that i have had to make on 2 hands so far and there is more. Here are a few examples. First they wanted a normal person nothing too crazy, then i proposed this idea and they liked it, then they wanted warmer eyes, then they changed there mind and wanted a normal guy again. then they changed their mind and they want crazy funky characters which i am working on now. A few changes sure, but they have given the go ahead and approval 3 times and like 8 revisions already. They will probably change their minds again and then i will probably drop out.

Posted byJason Raish at 10:46 PM 3 comments