3x3 magazine Illustration Annual and Cool'eh magazine

I just found out that my "This little girl of mine" book spreads were chosen to appear in the next 3x3 magazine illustration annual. I don't know if they're printing all 5 spreads or a couple it just said "book series". Also 2 of my "Jason's Smelly Pant's spreads are in the July issue in the artist gallery section (I got my own double page spread, Yay!). This is great but I need to start making some money soon!!!

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2nd illustration for black enterprise

here is the second one, the article is about getting burned out at work.

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illustration for black enterprise magazine

i'm doing 2 illustrations for the august issue, the second one will be done in a couple of days. They gave me 3 specific colors i had to use to match the graphic colors of the column in the mag. This one is about how mentors can really help you out. I have to do a few touches on it tommorow but its pretty much done. maybe a little heavenly glow of some sort.

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graphics lab poster progress

There is still a lot of work to be done on this, i need to make the elements pop somehow. Suggestions?

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