3 panel illustration

an art director wanted to know if i had any samples that were comic strip style, I didnt so I made this, either way I think it came out decent.

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Jazz Times Magazine double page spread

this will be out in the august issue! The text and first 200 words will go in the empty spaces. Hurray my first double page spread! and probably my last! Thanks to my pals Brown and Thaler for modeling!

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Illustration Friday: Under the Sea

I'm posting this for Illustrationfriday.com this weeks theme was under the sea. I didn't have time to do a new one so I have to use this old skateboard design that I wasn't serious about at all it was just funny. Notice the horrible type and bad rendering. The only good thing is the concept which was inspired by the infamous walrus at the NY aquarium that always "pleasures" himself. When I went he really did whip it out and did this in front of all these little kids that had no idea.

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its done

you cant see in the original because he is behind the counter but i drew the whole figure, complete with his little wallabys

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raekwon the chef

this is almost done. its raekwon aka "the chef" of the wu-tang clan. He has a new album coming out and im trying to use this to get some fish to bite.

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