www.DianaFarm.com is finally up! so is Kim Jong IL!

Dianafarm.com is up, a talented fashion designer and illustrator, she also has a blog.

also i just finished this north korean dictator illustration.

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Dave Chappelle's Block party finalist

My poster was selected as a top 10 finalist in Dave Chappelle's Block party poster contest.
my buddy james is also a finalist! www.silentjames.com

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2 more for the NY Press

an article about how both the yankees and mets are getting new stadiums. The Yankees gave the bronx community 30 million dollars for destroying the neighborhood. The mets' queens community already agreed to their deal and now after seeing the Yankee's community deal they want more.An article about a guy that keeps missing the popular book publishing deals. One book was about Godzilla and became unpopular again by the time his manuscript was ready.

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My dave chappelle block party contest poster entry

never enough time to work on anything, i think that will be the story of the rest of my life, how delightful.

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2 illustrations for the NY Press

This was about wild women sex parties where they learn about how to be more aggressive women

this was about a counterfeit jeans dealer that hangs out in the back of stores

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