b-san! again! rip me a new one some one please

Ironically, during WWII little Japanese kids would run out of their houses happily shouting "B-san"(Mr. B) whenever the B-29 bombers would fly over their houses. I dont know if this captures it but this isn't supposed to be a happy funny piece, at first yes, but then no. then sad.

Posted byJason Raish at 10:54 PM  


leatherargento said... 9:11 PM  

Came off exactly as planned...!

I'm a writer (can't draw for my life either), and I envy your ability to tell a whole story like this, in one image, on one page [sigh!] .

It works well, because when the audience/viewer-person first sees it, it's "Happy Japanese Kid Pointing at the Sky" -- Gamera? Sony Blimp?

But then the bomber -- Al Jaffee-ish, but still, something catches in the viewer's memory -- What? Japanese Kid and Wha--

Oh. Damn it. Japanese Kid and Huge American Bombs. That's not funny anymore. And pity the poor novelty-starved kid who, kept close to the bosom by an understandably protective mother (war's on, after all), finally breaks free to see -- What? Because the bombs haven't hit... yet.

Very powerful. Put a dent in my smug.

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