Movie Inspiration - Johnnie To's "Sparrow"

Time for another installation of Movie Inspiration, movies that inspire me as an artist.  I was finally able to get a hold of a proper copy of "Sparrow" by Johnnie To, a Hong Kong director famous for his "Triad Election" hong kong gangster movies.  This movie is not in the vein of his other movies and took him 3 years to make, this is the movie that he wanted to make, and whenever there is a directors dream project on hand you should pay attention.  This movie is beautiful and equally as amazing is the soundtrack!  It really added a 4th dimension to the movie.  it was eerily beautiful and out of place.  mixing jazz and old school chinese instruments and sound.  There were several scenes where the marraige of music and visuals was so awesome that i was grinning from ear to ear.  This shows that Johnnie To is an artist, I saw people complaining that this movie was about style over substance but when it's this beautiful who cares (if you're an artist)?  It's about pickpockets in Hong Kong.  I read somewhere that this movie is Johnnie To's love letter to Hong Kong because he loves his city and it shows.  That's about right.

a lot of noir-ishness going on, lots of slow motion, and lots of well lit, well composed money shots!  The music during this scene topped it all off and is my fav scene.

super amazingly shot final rain scene.  I can highly recommend this to artists and music lovers.

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