Mock Tiger Beer Ad

I did this as an advertising sample. used some of the chinese influences i've seen in Beijing. such as the silk goldfish i bought and the yellow tiger toy.

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C. Coles Phillips Homage

my homage to c. coles phillips, an old school illustrator who made famous the "fade-away girl". My goal is to one day own a real c. coles phillips painting.

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Kim Jong Il

this was sitting around for at least over a year. i finally got the chance to finish it. i read somewhere recently that Kim Jong Il is not in good health. I also read there are rumors that he has been dead for 5 years.

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Westchester Magazine

an article about buying houses where crimes, notably violent crimes occured in the past.

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Strategic Finance Magazine

for strategic finance magazine. it was a dense article filled with industry words that i could not comprehend. luckily the art director felt my pain and realized this. it was about employees having unauthorized access to data. more or less.

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Cleveland magazine

this was an article about republicans and democrats in cleveland fighting over the voting system and i guess one side to a stance that the other side usually takes and vice versa.

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